Our strategy


1. Diversification

Our current, single investment in FirstRand was expanded in 2016 to also create a property investment business. This new strategy meets our stated objective of creating shareholder value and further diversifies RMH’s earnings base as we will invest across the breadth of the property value chain. In line with our history and ethos, we will focus on entrepreneurial and owner-managed businesses. The strategy will involve investing in physical property portfolios as well as vertically integrated property companies, specifically with internal management teams that offer asset management, development management and property management skills.

We manage our investments on a decentralised basis and our involvement is concentrated mainly on the provision of support rather than on being involved in the day-to-day management. Management is empowered to execute on strategy.

2. Optimisation

We are a holding company with a long-term investment horizon. Investments are held for as long as required to optimise their value. Our strategy is to position ourselves as partners with the key shareholders, to have an engaging and long-term approach and play an active role within the governance bodies, particularly when it comes to strategic decision-making by our investments.

RMH provides its shareholders and investment companies with certain structural benefits such as empowerment credentials, a long-term focus, financial flexibility and a stable shareholder of substance.

Our objective is to maintain a sound financial structure, with a solid liquidity profile, ensuring we have readily-available resources, and a limited net indebtedness in comparison to the portfolio value. This policy gives us the flexibility required to quickly seize investment opportunities or the unlocking of value by means of creating the environment for possible deal making.

3. Modernisation

RMH identifies and assesses new businesses, technology and industry trends to compliment RMH and its investee companies.