About the artist

RMH has again commissioned a distinctive and exceptional artwork from a talented South African artist to use in its corporate communications.

About the artwork

Izimbokodo (Zulu for The Rocks) is the work of Nompumelelo (Nompumi) Ngoma. It consists of a chair moulded from traditional blankets and a painting of women done with charcoal and coffee.

The empty chair speaks to unlimited potential and RMH’s position to modernise, diversify and optimise its portfolio. Coffee as an art medium resonates with the application of traditional values in a unique and entrepreneurial way. The combination of the chair and painting in one artwork as whole resembles RMH’s investment portfolio, which is better than the sum of the parts on their own.

About the artist

Nompumi lives in Soweto and studied Fine Art at the South West Gauteng College. She furthered her studies in Fine Art at the University of Johannesburg, graduating with a National Diploma in 2011. She has participated in several exhibitions since, culminating in her first solo exhibition, THULA MFAZI! at Circa on Jellicoe in 2017.

Nompumi is known for her portrayal of women wearing traditional headgear and traditional blankets, always in a position of strength.