Our strategy

  Clear vision

RMH’s aim is to be a value-adding active enabler of leadership and innovation in banking and property. Our objective is to create a portfolio of businesses which are market-leaders and can deliver sustainable earnings, an attractive dividend yield and capital growth. Hence we pursue opportunities in the changing financial services landscape which meet our stringent criteria and strong values.

  Strong values

A values-driven culture is integral to RMH’s success and long-term sustainability. We are therefore committed to ensuring that the principles of good corporate governance and ethical business practice are applied consistently in interactions with all stakeholders and in a way that upholds our values, which have been formed over decades and should stand us in good stead for the future.

These values are as follows:

  • We embrace our owner-manager culture, which has been imprinted in our investments.
  • People are the most important resource.
  • We strive to create sustainable earnings through dividends and capital growth for our shareholders.
  • We uphold the highest levels of business ethics and personal integrity.
  • We respect traditional values.
  • We motivate to innovate.
  • We acknowledge our social responsibility as a member of the greater community we operate in.